Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Report Text "Nature"

     Flood is the overflow of water in excess of the standard capacity due to continuous rains, and flood tide at sea, especially for people who live by the beach area. The rainy season, in Jakarta city is always prone to flood. Flood in Jakarta, occur not because it is cause by rain but also because the society in Jakarta cause less adherent in take out the trash. In general, people who live near the river like the garbage in the river and consequently when the rains come the water does not flow smoothly and result in flood.
     Almost all regions in Indonesia, often inundate and flood is cause not only because it rain constantly, but because many people are chop trees illegally. Due to illegal logging, The forest becomes bare and the resulting flood. Even, not infrequently because of constant flood could lead to landslides. To avoid flood, needs to be invested in a self-conscious to always keep clean and not throw garbage in the drains or rivers.

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